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登録日: 2022年5月13日


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xfce4-autostart script-notify cronie I did that rotwk: i can find out what it does for you oh ok this is what happened rotwk: can you test this for us: sudo apt-get purge xfce4-autostart? rotwk: you should still be able to install your snaps afterwards lotuspsychje: E: Invalid operation purge lotuspsychje: I got a warning saying this operation is deprecated. robot2000: did you try sudo apt purge xfce4-autostart? I did, same thing robot2000: can you run that in a terminal? sudo apt purge xfce4-autostart lotuspsychje: robot2000: ok let me know if you get a bunch of error lines afterwards lotuspsychje: yeah same robot2000: ok try sudo apt autoremove robot2000: did you notice this line? error: snap "kodi" has "enable-old-snap" with autoremove enabled, but the "new-snap" side-effect of "autoremove" is not disabled robot2000: so is your machine in good shape, could you run sudo apt update and sudo apt full-upgrade to be sure? yeah I did lotuspsychje: I did, no errors robot2000: ok, you can install another snaps then I can But it wont start xfce4-autostart is broken




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Lotr Bfme 2 Rotwk No-cd Crack fatjaen

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